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For my final project in Digital Image Design III I chose to illustrate a quote that I found and thought was pretty meaningful. The quote that I chose to illustrate is, “It is a fearful thing to love, what death can touch”. I personally think that this is a very meaningful quote and for my project I chose to take a “darker” meaning to it, kind of the other side of paradise.

This project was very frustrating at times because there were never the right pictures and I would have to start making my own. The hands for example were an outlined tracing of my mothers hands, and the heart was just a stenciled drawing in Photoshop that I did. However those are my favorite two parts of this piece because I put a lot of work into them and I think they turned out very well for what I have done in the past. Another frustrating thing that I came across when working on this piece was getting the text to flow along the side of the hand, and not only flow with it, but fit in the space that I had. Also like all my other projects I ran into another time problem. I took a couple weeks to decide what I wanted to do and then sketch it the way that I wanted it, which again left me working on some small details at home and cramming in class in the last week.

In this project I think that I extended my knowledge in a couple areas. First I hardly even use brushes and I am not very good with them when I do. However for this project I think that I used brushes very effectively within the background of the picture, to give something other just a black background, and also in the heart, so that it wasn’t just a solid color that didn’t fit in. Another are where I feel I extended my knowledge is in vector tracing. When I couldn’t find hands, I had to scan a picture of my moms hands at my house and I started tracing and compared to other items I have traced like this I feel that this is one of my better tracings. The last area I feel that I extended my knowledge of was in the use of layers. I used lots of layers in this project to add shadowed effects as well as multiple copied layers to make things overlap the way I wanted them too, the heart for example has 4 separate layers alone to add the “grunge” look, the shadow, the cracks and the heart alone.

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Second Project

Abyss Card
Box Cover
Power Card
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For the second of my four projects in this class I decided to think of and design a board game. I wanted something that was different and that I had never seen or heard of before. I also wanted to do something that was appealing to me and that seemed interesting enough that other people would want to play.

I think that in this game I accomplished both aspects I was aiming for, something that appealed to me as well as to other people. I really like building and working on computers, and I think that the general design is appealing to other people. In this design I am very proud of the background that is on the “Computer Screen”, it took me the most amount of time to make and I think that it is probably the best piece of artwork in my whole project. Something that I think could have been improved were my game pieces, they are just basic designs with a chrome/metal look to them.

I came across a couple of difficulties while I was making this project. One would be that I spent a lot of time trying to think of what to base the game around, that it left me a lot less time to work on the project than I would have liked to have. Another difficulty I had was that I spent a lot of time working on the background of the “Computer Screen” and that left me with even less time to work on the other aspects of the game which left me cramming and spending hours at home working on my project, as well as having to throw together the game pieces at the very end of the time.

While working on this project I also further developed my skills in a couple of the tools Photoshop offers. I gained a better understanding of the clouding tools, which I used for the “Computer Screen” as well as the “Abyss” card. I also learned about and how to use the transform perspective tool, which was used for the “Power” card as well as the box cover for the game. I also think that I challenged myself with design of the “Abyss” card as well as the “Computer Screen” itself, trying to make something that was kind of abstract for the abyss and a background that was computer based but also graphical were both a challenge for me to make.

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For the first of my four projects in this class I decided to take on a client project and create a poster for a health class on Fitness. My client wanted something that was both simple, she did not want to much on the poster because she wanted her students to be able to focus on the main point of the poster, and she wanted something that was colorful, she did not want something that was black, white, or grey because it was to much like the rest of the posters that she had in her class.
I think that I did accomplish both of the things that she wanted in a poster. The poster is not dull with a lot of dark colors on it. Instead it has a lot of blues and whites with some shading on it. And I don’t think that there is too much going on the poster, it is a simple biker with a color matching vectored background, and then one simple “catch” phrase.
While I was creating this piece of artwork I did farther my knowledge in Illustrator Vectoring. I vectored the background colors of the picture to match the colors of the biker, which is the main point of the poster. This was pretty difficult to try to find colors that matched well with the biker as well as kept the background flowing together.
One difficulty that I encountered while vectoring was that I didn’t think it threw all the way before I started making the lines and I was trying to make two separate sets of lines for every line, instead of just rearranging the layers, I was trying to make a line that broke around the biker and then restart the line where the biker ended. Another difficulty that I came into was that my client pretty much left the project open to me, she gave me those couple things she wanted to see and then said she trusted me and let me loose, and so it was kind of difficult for me to come up with an idea to use. However, I am very proud of the moment when I showed her my ideas and a smaller printed version of what I was working on and she said that she absolutely loved what it looked like.


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